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About the Role

Video Editors are one of the most important aspects of a video’s creation. In this role, you’ll be using the power of video editing to transform a recording into a massively entertaining piece of content that captivates audiences, maintains viewer retention, and remains creative and high quality.

Ideally, we want people who go above and beyond. We’re looking for a candidate to be responsible, manage their time, be in frequent communication, learn and grow overtime, and most importantly - enjoy the role of video editing. You would be taking 30m-1hr recordings and chopping them down, implementing audio adjustments, implementing full/large edits, and working to optimize the video throughout all of your changes.

To exceed our expectations, a candidate must be highly accountable and submit drafts far before the deadline. They must also be able to take criticism extremely well, and use it as a motivation to improve the quality and consistency of their editing skills.
This position is fully remote and requires you to be 18+


What you’ll be doing:

- Utilizing Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, and general video editing software to work on a video.

- Adjusting your video to meet retention standards, by utilizing notes given from a retention specialist

- Working with other video editors to improve and share skills, as well as communicate and improve your proficiency in video editing.

- Implementing creative choices during editing - including scenario structure for animations, finding the right music for certain clips and reactions, and determining what should be supported visually/audibly in the editing process


What makes you a good fit:

- Proficiency in Adobe products, specifically Premiere Pro & Photoshop.

- A desire to constantly improve and make the perfect video, and to adjust your understanding of what a “perfect” video might be

- Being incredibly accountable, and meeting deadlines far in advance without sacrificing quality

- If you’re able to learn and progress your understanding of video strategy quickly and without issue, in order to maximize efficiency and reduce the notetaking workload

- You show a passion for video editing, and a strong background of editing work. While a thorough background is not indicative of skill, it’s helpful for us to accurately judge your abilities

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